“The Chimes” is a catchy little ditty made from a musical box, some saxophones and a tiny fire brigade stuck inside a miniature church. It’s a 4 minute journey which starts with the sun coming up and ends with the private detective wondering where the hell it all went wrong. You can have a listen through my media player on the right. Hitting a community radio station near you this month.

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Introducing Foley


“Foley” is the first radio ‘single’ from the album “The Adventures of Foley”.   You can have a listen right here, by hitting play on the Delorean music player on the right, it’s the first track in the playlist.  Although it’s one of the least ‘commercial’ tracks on the record, it’s a favourite of mine and hopefully will [...]


Limited Edition Digipack CD

Only 120 copies have been pressed!  To buy a copy of the album complete with 4 panel digipack artwork, just leave a comment with your contact details and I’ll be in touch.  You can pay via Paypal or bank deposit.  The digipack CD will be selling for $21 from mid December 2008.